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I am a freelance writer and editor, who writes articles, blogs, and short stories and edits novels, novellas, and eBooks. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.

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Bodyworn article

Security Service|Security Company

4 Benefits of Having an HOA Security Guard

Montique hat h 24 men hat white s article

A Man’s Hat Inspires, makes an Impression, and is often Influential | Abby Fashions Blog

I had so much fun writing this blog post for Abby Fashions. A Man’s Hat Inspires, makes an Impression, and is o...

Mr rogers putting on his sl article

Get Ready for the Best Men’s Slippers – CP Slippers

Get Ready for the Best Men’s Slippers – CP Slipp...

Womens suits chancelle designer dress 1775 navy with white s article

What to Wear to the Church Single Social

Meet G-Mom, Junior, and Suzie as we discuss what to wear to the Church Single Social. Abby

Escaping poverty cover article

“Despite living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, more than 45 million people in America fall below the poverty line..."

To read my contribution, No Matter What Misery Life Hands You, turn to page 170.

Web design business model article

WordPress Web Design as A Viable Business Model - CourseVector

Starting a WordPress web design business can be easy and very profitable. Here are 6 things anyone interested in becoming a WordPress web design re-seller will need to consider to help make their business a success.

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Seo seven deadly sins article

Writing Pitfalls to Avoid in Articles

The road to writing rich SEO infused content for your website is not always straight and can at times be confusing, follow these tips to better results while writing content for your website.

What to give me for christmas article

Reading & Writing: Giving an e-Book gift

There’s nothing wrong with gifting a good friend or family member a book you finished reading, though it would be more appropriate to give them a new copy. However, now more people are getting their reading materials online. E-readers such as Kindle, Nook, and iPad make it very convenient to read almost anywhere. In fact, writing on one of those devices is quite convenient as well.

The write results 300x193 article

Writing and Editing Feedback & Comments

Read what others had to say about my writing, such as “Stephen’s experience is truly an asset to us and to our clients. Great copy is essential for an engaging website and a strong online presence. His expertise will help our clients find their voices and further their reach online.”

Phishing 55610195 300x251 article

Blog Post ghostwritten for the CourseVector Security Team

A staggering number of companies were victims of data breaches this past year. In fact, forty-three percent of all organizations reported some type of data breach. How many were breached and did not know?

Press Release - Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International

POSI’s new website is now up and ready to take visits.

Bigstock phishing concept 65688766 300x200 article

Real World Security

Cybercrimes, cyber terrorism, and cyber security are all the rage on television and in the movies; however, real world cyber security is often a low priority.

Seo v webdesign 300x150 article

Search Engine Optimization versus Web Design - CourseVector

To stay relevant in the world of Web Design, website developers need to accept additional duties such as SEO.

Pinterest facts article

Pinterest: The Marketing Boost your Business Needs

Another Course Vector article and infographic created by Stephen. More than two million people visit Pinterest every day. Using Pinterest can improve your business in extraordinary ways by reducing the number of steps from discovery to conversion dramatically.