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I am a freelance writer and editor, who writes articles, blogs, and short stories and edits novels, novellas, and eBooks. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.

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Web design business model article

WordPress Web Design as A Viable Business Model - CourseVector

Starting a WordPress web design business can be easy and very profitable. Here are 6 things anyone interested in becoming a WordPress web design re-seller will need to consider to help make their business a success.

Phishing 55610195 300x251 article

Blog Post ghostwritten for the CourseVector Security Team

A staggering number of companies were victims of data breaches this past year. In fact, forty-three percent of all organizations reported some type of data breach. How many were breached and did not know?

Press Release - Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International

POSI’s new website is now up and ready to take visits.

Bigstock phishing concept 65688766 300x200 article

Real World Security

Cybercrimes, cyber terrorism, and cyber security are all the rage on television and in the movies; however, real world cyber security is often a low priority.

Seo v webdesign 300x150 article

Search Engine Optimization versus Web Design - CourseVector

To stay relevant in the world of Web Design, website developers need to accept additional duties such as SEO.

Pinterest facts article

Pinterest: The Marketing Boost your Business Needs

Another Course Vector article and infographic created by Stephen. More than two million people visit Pinterest every day. Using Pinterest can improve your business in extraordinary ways by reducing the number of steps from discovery to conversion dramatically.

Wordpress superman article

WordPress: How to Format Pages & Post with More Pop!

In this post on Course Vector Stephen discusses how to format WordPress pages & posts with more Pop!

Seo black pearl 300x300 article

“The Seven Deadly Sins” of SEO - CourseVector

“The Seven Deadly Sins” of SEO - CourseVector

Img 2185 300x200 article

What’s Unfolding Above the Fold Matters

What is meant by “above the fold” in web design?
Just as a newsstand newspaper folded in half, all you could see is the top half, so the Big Headline stories are there.

Bigstock apple macbook air at the desk 66285817 300x200 article

The Parallax Scrolling Dilemma

Stephen is a ghostwriter for CourseVector - In this article he looks at the compromises necessary in having the fun 3D effect of Parallax vs the function of a standard site.

Bigstock quality 3941690 240x300 article

Quality Content has its own Reward

Stephen Dalton is a ghostwriter for CourseVector. How do search engine indices actually check website content for quality and relevancy?

Bigstock inbound marketing through ma 67781029 300x225 article

How to Convert Landing Page Visits to Cash or Contacts

Stephen is a ghostwriter for CourseVector.

Bigstock online presence words on a com 83226545 article

Blog - CourseVector

How to Structure URLs for SEO - In this blog spot Stephen divulges 5 tips to better structure your URL for SEO.

Bigstock hacker programing in technolog 49646021 300x201 article

What is Malvertising and Why should I Care? - CourseVector

Stephen L Dalton is a ghostwriter for CourseVector. In this article he takes a look at the dangers of malware.

Bigstock news text on retro typewriter 53247313 300x200 article

The Press Release: Make it Pop!

Stephen L Dalton is a ghostwriter for CourseVector